Dunbar Farms started “rediscovering” how to produce small grains, dry beans, dry corn and other staple crops in 2008. Since then our production has increased and diversified greatly as we continue our odyssey of discovery into the true base of the food system.  We are now milling cracked grains, flours, polenta and corn meal, baking traditional, sourdough, whole-wheat bread from our wheat and offering our grains, beans and staples in whole grain form.  All of these are available at our Honor Barn Farm Stand and via our Newsletter and Online Ordering System. You can sign up for the Newsletter here.

Our Grain Products:

  • Sourdough Breads: Whole Wheat, Multi-Grain, Flax/Sunflower & 50/50
  • Flours: Bread, Pastry, Durum & Rye
  • Dry Corn Polenta and Flour
  • Whole Grains: Rye, Wheat (Soft White, Durum, Hard Red), Dry Corn     
  • Garbanzo Beans
  • Dry Beans: Blacks & Pintos plus 14 or so other specialty beans including Tepary, Good Mother Stallard, Lana Cisco’s Bird’s Egg and Cranberry.

Sourdough Bread: We bake true sourdough bread from our own wheat every two weeks. They are baked to order using freshly-milled whole-wheat flour, meaning that their flavor is incomparable and their nutrition is as high as it gets. We bake the bread the same day that we offer pickup of the bread so it is always warm and fresh. Because of our flour and our baking techniques most people who experience gluten allergies can eat it without any problems. It can be ordered via our Online Newsletter or the breads is sold frozen at the Honor Barn Farm Stand.

Flour: All of our flours are freshly-milled in our stone mill and are whole-wheat. We lightly sift our standard flours but would be happy to sift to suit for larger orders. Our flours include Bread Flour, Pastry Flour, Rye Flour and Semolina Flour. More descriptions of the flours and their uses are contained when ordering.

Berries: We offer whole rye and wheat berries for cold salads, soups or to be milled into flour in a home mill. Boil them for about 45 minutes like one would rice with roughly twice the water as berries, watching carefully to add more water if needed. Drain and serve hot or let cool. Also great in hearty winter stews.

Dry Beans: We grow about 15 or so different varieties (always changing) of dry beans ranging from classic pintos and black beans to heirloom beans like Tiger’s Eye, Good Mother Stallard and Adzuki. Our Online Order Market describes all of the beans we are currently offering. Many are also offered at the Honor Barn Farm Stand, but feel free to contact us for the complete list of beans and volumes if you would like larger quantities.

Dry Corn: We produce a number of dry corn products including polenta, corn flour and corn meal. Our principal corn is a flint corn with nice, hard, egg-yolk colored kernels. It has distinctive flavor and a slight sweetness and yields polenta with that warmth of character that only corn possesses. Definitely a far cry from the polenta and corn products on the supermarket or organic foods Coop shelves.

Our grains, beans and flours are available on a limited basis at our Honor Barn Farm Stand. Follow this link to see what is in season. Even more are offered via our Newsletter and Online Order Market, please follow this link to sign up for our Newsletter.

For Bakers:

                We offer all of our grains and flours wholesale and at larger volumes to those who use flour commercially in a restaurant or bakery or are passionate home bakers. Please send us an email at and we’ll let you know our flour, grain, beans and staple offerings and/or create a custom flour to suit your needs.