Our Farm Stand Building

Dunbar Farms produces a wide ranging set of fruits and vegetables with the principal goal to grow a stable, year-round supply of fresh produce and other crops for the dinner table. All of our products are organic, but we aren’t certified and have no plans to do so. We sell all of our products direct and know our customers and they know that our growing techniques and produce is as healthy, fresh and flavorful as it can get.  

Our Produce is available at our Honor Barn Farm Stand or via our Online Order Market.


Dunbar Farms produces an online newsletter every week through the summer season and every other week through the winter months. The newsletter discusses food and farming from the perspective of an honest, diversified and operating farm. The newsletter also alerts subscribers to wine pourings, pizza evenings, farm tours and all of the latest opportunities to support the farm.   

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Our Online Ordering Market:

Every two weeks during the winter and every week during the summer we host a pickup at our Farm Stand on Friday afternoon from 4:30-6:00pm. A link to the online order form is sent with the newsletter for that week. We ask customers to order by mid-week so we have time to harvest and prepare, including baking fresh bread on Friday afternoon. There is a web link at the bottom of the notification email to the online survey where you place the order.

If you can't make it during the pickup times on Friday afternoon but can at some point over the weekend or early the next week there is a place to note that on the survey and we will have a packed box at the farm stand. The price will be clearly marked and there will be a cash box in which to leave cash or check. The bread freezes very well so we will freeze any bread if you pickup Sunday or later.

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Farm Stand Directions: Heading North on North Phoenix -- at the intersection of North Phoenix and Hillcrest, turn left, towards downtown. From Hillcrest, turn into the 3rd driveway on your right, with a few brown signs proclaiming Dunbar Farms and Rocky Knoll and the address 2881 Hillcrest Rd. Continue down the gravel driveway to the first structure, parking on the right.


Or download and print this Directions PDF.



We at Dunbar Farms choose to make our own decisions as farmers and members of the Rogue Valley community about our farming techniques. As our supporters get to know us they realize that our strong ethics are why we chose to farm in the first place and drive our entire farm and our decision making. We think healthy farming is not about what one doesn’t do but about one does and we do a lot of things to integrate our farm in a way that goes way beyond those of most organic farms. For these and many other reasons we choose to forgo the organic certification process. Here are some of the things we do:

  • We save most of our own seed, including cover crop, grain and beans.
  • We rotate crops widely between grains, hay, produce, beans, animals, corn, and more.
  • We have a more diverse arrangement of crops than any other farm that we know of and this greatly decreases pests and disease.    
  • We recycle all of the leftover material from our wine, hay, grain and vegetable production, offer a deposit site for local landscapers and arborists, collect organic material from the local Medford Food Co-op and compost all of our other crop residue to cover all of our fertility needs.
  • On the "don’t do" front we don’t spray synthetic sprays of any sort or use any GMOs or synthetic fertilizers.



Dunbar Farms is occasionaly in the news. Here are a few examples:


Farm Talk Radio: KRKQ in Ashland, OR

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